We are a Watersports based Charity changing people’s lives and building life skills through sailing and rowing. 

Our primary objective is giving opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk youths and we offer opportunities for disabled people to participate in activities and courses on an equal level.
We bring together people from many walks of life to work together as a community helping others and all our activities and programmes are focussed on teaching transferable and employable skills.

What does the AHOY do?

We offer opportunities and training for:

  • Disadvantaged young people (aged 8 to 21)
  • At Risk youth and those excluded from main stream education
  • Disabled people

How do we help?

We use the medium of sailing, rowing and water based activities to break down social barriers and provide innovative training. Teaching transferable and employable skills are at the heart of everything we do and at the same time building: Life skills, self-confidence, team building and self-esteem. Qualifications include RYA National certification, City & Guilds, NVQ’s & BTECH’s.

What results do we get?

We work with hundreds of young people every year and they all achieve - from our young Shipmate volunteers and apprentices through to participants from local schools and groups.

Over the years AHOY has a proven track record of getting results both in changing behaviour & attitude. We know hands-on practical training produces tangible outcomes and thereby the learning becomes relevant to them and rooted in the real world. 

Note: see video below showing some of the inspiring work that the AHOY Centre does

Find out more about specific areas:  

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